In our Joint Venture program, The Staenberg Group focuses on expanding our existing partnerships, as well as, identifying new opportunities and relationships.

Some of the benefits The Staenberg Group provides to our partners include numerous strong tenant relationships, strong asset management skills, the ability to source and analyze deals, market expertise across the country, product expertise and strong customer service.

Institutional Joint Ventures

The Staenberg Group works with institutional investors on several types of joint ventures:

  • Programmatic Acquisition Ventures – a venture is established to make ongoing acquisitions of properties meeting pre-specified criteria.
  • Specified Portfolio Acquisition Ventures – these ventures are formed for the purpose of acquiring an identified portfolio of properties.
  • Recapitalization Ventures – these ventures are formed with investors looking to buy into a portfolio of existing Staenberg Group assets.


Development Joint Ventures

The Staenberg Group can offer development joint ventures ranging from single-property deals with landowners to long-term multiple-property development alliances. Our ventures utilize a variety of structures with the overriding theme of achieving an alignment of interests leading to a win-win deal for our partners and The Staenberg Group.

“I have known Michael Staenberg and The Staenberg Group for over 25 years. In that time, I have observed that their commitment to meeting the future with quality, community oriented development is unparalleled. The key words here are ‘future’ and ‘community’.  They are forward looking and community minded, always trying to anticipate and respond to the challenges of the future in ways that align with the interests of the community.”

Michael J. Doster, Doster, Ullom & Boyle, LLC

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